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April 29 2013


April 27 2013

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Any Chances of Having a Career in Pool?

Back when I was still young, I had dreams of one day becoming a professional pool player like my idol, Earl Strickland. However, like with almost everything in life, my aspirations had to take a little detour because fate was not going to let it happen. There were a lot of things that happened which forced me to make some necessary adjustments and change my perspective for a bit. I was bummed out because it meant I had to say goodbye to my dream of becoming a professional pool player, but I had no other choice but to move forward.

So for now I am going to have to say that my chances of having a professional career in pool are slim to none because I have a family to take care of and I have a full time job that I am committed to. I really wish that things could have gone differently, but that’s life. You have to take what it gives you even if you don’t like it. Life will always present us with challenges, but just like I did when I was learning how to play pool, I overcame those challenges and will brace myself for the new ones that will come.

If you want to be more specific, I am giving my dream of having a professional career in pool a .1% chance of happening. Yeah, I know that it is a pretty slim margin, but hey, you never know because something might happen along the way. Just like Earl Strickland’s behaviour during tournament matches, life can also be pretty unpredictable which is why it is worth living every second to see what it has in store for you.

I have learned a lot of things because of pool and I am truly grateful to this sport because it has taught me lessons that I shall forever cherish. I hope to teach the same values that pool has taught me to my son who is also starting to become a pool shark in the making. If I can’t make my dream of playing professional pool a reality, then the next best thing would be to see my son do it since he’s been telling me about it non-stop. Nothing would make me happier than seeing my own son living the dream that I had envisioned for myself once.
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Obama is playing pool, so your argument is invalid.
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My Inspiration

My biggest inspiration for getting into this sport is none other than the man himself, Earl “The Pearl” Strickland. This dude is one of the most outspoken and controversial sports figures in history, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the talent to back it up. I first remember seeing Earl play back in 1990. I was only about 12 years old back then and had no idea about pool, but I remember just being in awe of the guy because of how smoothly he operated on the table.

I was watching with my uncle and cousin during that time, and after the match I immediately asked my cousin to teach me how to play pool. Of course, being the lovable guy that he was, he was more than happy to oblige. I had my ups and downs, but after about a month or two of non-stop practice I soon found myself trying to emulate “The Pearl.”  The only thing I didn’t try to emulate from Strickland was his outspoken nature because this guy can be as surly as an old man battling explosive diarrhea. But I guess his unpredictability is what makes him an exciting player to watch because you never know what words are going to be said whenever Earl the Pearl is around.

If I Didn’t Play Pool

Now if I didn’t play pool what sport would I be taking up? Well for one thing I’m a huge fan of football (the American one, not soccer) so I would probably be throwing some pigskin in the gridiron. I also love playing basketball every once in a while even though I’m not really a good player. Besides sports, other things that I would most likely be doing if I wasn’t such a pool addict would be collecting vintage model planes and tanks. I’m a geek when it comes to World War 2 weaponry and vehicles, so don’t judge me. And of course, I would also be spending time with my awesome family. My son is also into pool, but before you say anything, I want to make it clear that I never forced him to like it. He just so happens to be interested in it and asked me to teach him how to play which I was more than happy to do. Yes, pool is something that I absolutely adore, but I don’t make it the center of my world. I know what my priorities in life are and I am always going to balance them out no matter what.

Now that I have finally said my peace, it’s time for me to relax and play a few games of pool with my buddies. Kind of ironic, but what can I say, I just freakin’ love pool.
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How can you not be impressed with this kid???

What Can You Get Out of Pool?

This is a question that a lot of my non-pool playing friends have always been asking me since day 1. Whenever they watch a game of pool, you can tell that they understand nothing about it. The only thing that they know about pool is that you just need to put all of the colored balls in the holes. They wonder what kind of pleasure I get out of hitting a few balls using a stick. Man if they only knew all of the blood, sweat, and tears I have had to shed just to be good at this game.

I don’t blame them for feeling like this though since I would probably be asking the same thing if I didn’t understand how a particular sport worked. I don’t have a career in pool, even though I wish I had one, but I still find some joy in it. It is my escape from my problems and helps me put things in perspective whenever life decides to throw in some shit my way.

I might not be making any money from pool, but it is giving me something that no amount of money in the world can buy, and that is pure happiness. I’m still young so I still have plenty of pool left in me, but then again, I don’t think that age will deter me from the sport I love in anyway at all. I have also met a lot of new friends because of pool and the bond that we have formed has transcended beyond the pool table.  So yeah, I can definitely say that the sport of pool has brought me more than a few things in return. They might not be material things, but they are something that money will never be able to buy.
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Yes, these are dogs playing pool.

How My Mom Took It

Most parents would take their child’s sudden interest in a sport with great joy and they would even say that they’re proud of their child for taking interest in something productive. Well with my mom though, it was a whole different story. My dad was okay with it since he used to play pool back when he was younger, so he understood where I was coming from. But as far as my mother goes, well let’s just say that she really wasn’t that enthusiastic about the whole thing. She watches the sport and understands the rules involved in it, but she thinks it’s a sport centered on gambling. I’ll admit that my jaw dropped when she said this because never in my life have I ever considered billiards to be linked to gambling.

It’s true that there are some people who like to play the game with something on the online, with that “something” usually being money, but for me it was just a sport. A sport that I loved to play and one that brought me countless hours of enjoyment. Me and my mom had more than a few arguments over this and it all came to a halt once my dad stepped in and assured her that it was going to be alright.

I just loved playing pool and had no interest in gambling whatsoever. Even when some of my friends told me to play them for money, I refused because I wanted to prove to both myself and my mother that I was not going to associate pool with gambling. Looking back at it, I understand why she felt the way she did. She was only looking out for me like every mother would do for her son, but man, I wish she didn’t have to be so darn cranky about it though. Anyway, that chapter is closed and I thought I’d just share it with y’all since it seemed like an interesting topic.

Getting Better?

I first started playing pool when I was about 12 years old and just like every beginner of such a complex sport I absolutely sucked major goose balls. I won’t deny that my first few attempts at playing billiards left me disheartened because I thought I was never going to excel at it. However, a cousin of mine who happens to be a pool shark told me to not feel down because he went through the same thing as well. With that being said, I would like to offer the same kind of advice to the people out there who want to become good at this sport, but are having a hard time excelling.

You shouldn’t try to be so hard on yourself whenever you fail at something because that is all part of learning. In order to be good in the sport of pool, you have to undergo a lot of down moments before you can experience success because doing so will make success taste that much sweeter. I can’t recall how long it took me to overcome my hurdles while I was trying to be good at pool, but all I know is that it took me a very long time.

So don’t give up my little kiddos. Pool is a hard sport, but with enough patience and determination you will become good at it. Trust me because I went through the same thing and had more than a few headaches because of it. So with that being said, my word of advice to you people is keep on playing baby, just keep on playing.
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My idol Earl the Pearl, losing his mind like always.
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5 Great Billiards Accessories That Will Make Other Players Jealous

Billiards is an extremely interesting game which requires skill and concentration at its very best.  This is a very different sort of a game which requires a long table known as billiards table, which has to be rectangular in shape with holes on the four corners and also on the two sides. Long wooden cues called as Billiard Cue are used to move balls which are either made of phenolic resin or acrylic. Each of these billiard balls is defined differently and each one of them possesses a different value and a different meaning. The six holes on the Billiard table are usually defined as their pockets. Points are gained and made by striking a ball and pocketing them.

There are various billiards accessories available nowadays which are used basically for the purpose of adorning and beatifying the game of Billiards. For this purpose there are various international stores which have come up providing the finest billiards accessory possible for the game.

If we have to talk about five billiard accessories that will make other players jealous, the accessories which will top the chart will be Designer Balls, Diamond Studded Cue cases, Pool Table Lights, Shimmery wooden Cue racks, and the Triangle.

1.       Shimmery Wooden Cue Racks

•             One of the most popular accessories is the cue Roman Rack.

•             It is a very fine pool cue rack usually with an oak or a timbre finish.

•             It can be alleviated to any wall or any raised platform in a few minutes and can be used for holding and clutching the six balls.

•             The cues usually hold the lower portion of the rack and the lower portion is usually occupied by the clips and the clutches. 

•             This rack has a lot of screws and projections which give it a more artsy look.


2.       Designer Balls

•             The billiard designer balls are hard crude balls used in billiards.

•             The number and the diameter per balls may or may not vary.

•             The cut work and the printing on these balls may be different or indifferent too. 

•             Hardness, friction and weight of these are also a few characteristics and properties which are looked upon while buying these balls.


3.       Diamond Studded Cue Cases.

•             Billiard cue cases are a part of the Billiard accessories bunch too.

•             These can be platinum studded and also diamond studded according to the status of the person and the royalty quotient.


4.       Table Lights

•             Table lights are also a good little addition to the pool table in a way. 

•             These are also available in various different fluorescent colors and lights.


5.       Triangle

•             The rack sometimes, also known as a triangle for the common man, is a billiard accessory too.

•             It is a triangle shaped lifted thing, which keeps the ball in a specific design and shape as desired and as necessary for the game.

These accessories can now also be ordered online, but the payment has to be made in US dollars on most of the sites. To conclude, the development of the game of Billiards and the accessories used for the game, go hand in hand.


The Pool Player’s Diary

Pool is a sport that almost anyone can play, but only a few can excel in. The objective is simple: use your cue stick to hit the cue ball using your cue stick so you can send the other colored balls into the holes located at each end of the table. Sounds simple, huh? Well this is where a lot of people are wrong because there is more to pool than just simply hitting a white ball with a stick. Pool aka pocket billiards requires a lot of precision, skill, and patience in order to be good at.

I am not someone who would consider himself to be a master or pro at this game, but I can more than hold my own in it. I first fell in love with the sport after I watched Earl “The Pearl” Strickland work his magic in a major tourney. The man might be an ass to some, but you can’t deny that the guy has skill. I don’t plan on having a career in pool (even though it sounds like fun) since I only look at it as a pastime, but I have developed a great sense of love and passion for the sport.

Over the years I have seen a lot, and I do mean a lot, of legends come and go. One thing is for certain though, even though the greats of this often overlooked sport are going to come and go, pool or billiards, or whatever the hell you want to call it will always remain.

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